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December 6, 2023

Artificial intelligence for marketing results
Can AI add value in predicting marketing outcomes?

A recent marketing benchmark report on artificial intelligence (AI) indicated that 61.4% of marketers are already using AI to optimise their marketing activities. The majority (44.4%) use AI for content production. The next step will undoubtedly be the use of AI to determine, via marketing analytics, which content is or is not successful. The result of these analyses will then probably lead to an adjustment of the content marketing plan. But using AI to analyse marketing results will go beyond content. The results of, say, digital advertising campaigns, landing pages for SEO or the number of registrants for an event will also be quickly and clearly mapped by AI. AI will thus become an ally for marketers who want more focus on analysing data, spotting trends, and providing valuable insights. In this article, I map out the basics of ‘measuring marketing results through AI’ for marketers.

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November 26, 2023

Analyse, structure, and manage marketing results
On the importance of KPIs and dashboards in managing marketing results

Marketing is more measurable than ever thanks to digital tools that make the results of marketing actions measurable. The modern marketer therefore has a basket of data available to quickly and accurately manage marketing results: in Google Analytics, in CRM tools, in e-mail marketing software, in Marketing Automation technology, in dashboards, in Excel sheets … But how do you bring these together within a strategy to sustainably manage marketing results and look at marketing ROI? Those who do, see marketing as an investment that pays off, brings concrete results, and thus rolls out the red carpet for sales and business development.

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