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February 14, 2024

Marketing planning in Excel or in a marketing planning tool?
7 advantages of a marketing planning tool over Excel

Marketing planning is becoming increasingly challenging. The marketing team has to be short on time for marketing campaigns, marketing promotions or media campaigns and not infrequently has to plan this across different teams and team members to launch a successful omnichannel campaign. The biggest pain point for many marketing teams is the lack of oversight that arises because the various schedules are no longer aligned in Excel. The bigger the team, the more Excels, the greater the lack of overview among those responsible for planning campaigns and campaigns. While each individual marketer may feel comfortable in his or her Excel, media planners, campaign planners, marketing managers or marketing directors struggle with the planning overview. The result? Lost time, misunderstandings and mistakes when launching campaigns.

The solution is to merge all Excel schedules. In doing so, we have to reconcile 2 worlds. The individual marketer likes to keep the simplicity and insight into his or her planning, while those responsible at a higher planning level need the overview of all planning. In this article I describe – using 7 concrete examples – how to combine the simplicity of Excel with the flexibility and overview of a specialised marketing planning tool.

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