Project management software: Trello or Husky?

Peter Desmyttere
April 21, 2021
⏱ 2 min. read

Project management tools come in all sorts. One of the most popular choices right now is Trello. You might wonder what makes Husky Marketing Planner different. Good question!

Cards are Trello’s trump cards

Trello has a unique way of dealing with projects. In the Trello universe, you have cards which belong to lists, which belong to boards. Je drag cards around from one list to another, or move them to other lists in other boards. Projects as we know it can be cards, lists or boards. Tasks can be cards or items within checklists within cards. (Letting that sink in for a moment …)

Trello doesn’t present itself as a project management system, but more as a visual way to organize all sorts of information. Just like Husky, they want to do away with an unmanageable overload of (internal) email communication, dated spreadsheets or intimidating management software.

Generic or specific for marketers?

The main difference between Trello and Husky is that Trello is a generic system to organize information. Husky, however, is a project management tool 100% focused on marketers and marketing teams. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Trello allows you to manage projects and tasks, but that’s it. It is impossible to create a campaign planning for instance. With the calendar power-up (power-ups extend Trello’s functionality) you can get due dates of cards in a calendar view, but there’s no way to have multi-day events. Especially not when you want to add tasks and budget to those events.

Managing your marketing budget? Keeping records of your results? Writing down your marketing strategy? Telling who's responsible for projects, tasks, campaigns, budget and so on? Drafting your year planning? Bonne chance, mon ami.

Innovative or familiar?

Husky stays closer to the world of marketers by mimicking the known and trusted way of presenting data in multi-column lists. You feel at home quite easily. Working with cards in Trello is a big step for most. Furthermore, in lists with a lot of cards, you lose overview quite easily. To be honest, who doesn’t have a shitload of tasks right now? Multiply that by the number of members in your marketing team.

What Trello and Husky have in common, is their intuitive interface that doesn’t look crowded. It clears up space for the actual projects and tasks that matter. That you can work on everything in the browser is very practical as well. You don’t need to install anything. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Trello is completely self-service. Find it out yourself. When using Husky, if you have questions, help is nearby. For business software that comes as a big relief. If you use the online chat, you get an answer quickly by someone who knows the application inside out but also has vast experience with marketing management. We might even organize a workshop for teaching you how to use the application, but also about best practices in structuring your marketing projects.

Are you looking for a free tool to manage a limited number of tasks and projects — and nothing more than that — then you’ll surely like Trello. However, if you need to step up things as a marketing team and not only manage tasks, but also communication planning, budget, results, and notes? Then you should definitely give Husky a try. Get started with some concrete projects during the free trial of 14 days. The proof is in the eating of the pudding, as always.

Are you hesitating between Trello or Husky?

Then definitely set up a free trial (14 days) in Husky. You will then discover that Husky is more versatile than Trello.