Barbecook's marketers escaped from Excel hell

Charlotte Thiry
January 26, 2017
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Barbecook is a Belgian brand of charcoal and gas barbecues by the Saey Home & Garden holding. The family business with over 100 years experience in steel, barbecuing and heating is continuously working on innovation and has their main focus on the Benelux, France and Germany. In just a few weeks, Marketing Manager Lies Van Wyngene, has made a very successful transition from an Excel nightmare to fluent marketing management in Husky.

Killing me softly

Before discovering Husky, Marketing Manager Lies Van Wyngene and her colleagues Jurgen and Pheline used to have a separate Excel file for each datapoint: established budget, assigned budget, invoiced budget, media calendar, content planning, social media planning, campaigns, etc. Those files were kept in folders on the company server and had become a nightmare to manage. Because of the different folders, files and versions of those files, the marketing team had a hard time keeping an overview of their work and results.

lies marketing manager


Lies Van Wyngene: “We used to joke around at the office about the fact that Excel was going to be our cause of death. Until a couple of months ago I was convinced it would kill us eventually



Bringing structure to the marketing department

“You may think that bringing structure in your marketing department is a hell of a lot of work, but it is in fact very easy to do with a project management tool like Husky. It’s like when they built the Empire State Building, they started with a solid base and that’s exactly what Husky can do for you.”

The marketing team at Barbecook tried several project management tools before discovering Husky, but never found the right match because the apps weren’t dedicated to the marketing department. “When you open Husky as a marketing manager, you feel at home. You recognize everything, it’s easy navigation, everything you work with on a daily basis is there, there’s no clutter, there’s nothing you don’t need. There is an overview of the budget, projects, tasks, there’s a calendar and even your marketing strategy.”

Husky has been a huge relief for Lies in terms of reporting. Instead of interpreting numbers in Excel to prepare for her weekly management meeting, she now presents her KPIs directly from the Husky dashboard. “The KPI dashboard is visual: you’ve got your graphs, can compare results to the previous year, set goals,... It’s perfect for quick reporting and answering questions from anyone at the company.”

Less one-on-ones, more time for what really matters

Managing the marketing department has become a lot more fluent for Lies. Tasks are no longer scattered around emails, post-its and to-do lists; they are each assigned to one person and have a deadline. “We sent countless emails and called each other to ask about the status of tasks and projects, but that’s in the past. Now I can just open Husky and see what we are working on, what the priorities are or issues that need to be discussed. I no longer lose time gathering that information.”

“I was always the one showing up at my colleagues’ desk to ask for updates and now they are relieved because I no longer need those one-on-one meetings, I just check everything in Husky. And when I do show up at their desk, it’s to talk about the weekend!”

“We even changed the name of our weekly status meetings from 'What's on your plate meeting' to 'Husky meeting'."

Marketing earns its seat at the revenue table

“People often think marketers spend their time on Facebook & Twitter and doing some party planning, but we do a lot more than that. I experienced first-hand how marketing finally earned its seat in the weekly management meetings. I no longer carry around to-do lists on paper and have instant reporting on the budget dashboard in Husky.”

barbecook marketing image
“I even managed to impress our Financial Director with the separate graphs showing the established, assigned and invoiced budget. Now he knows marketers think about budget planning and aren’t mere Facebook-savvy party planners.”

Marketing planning with Husky

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