5 productivity tips in Husky

Michiel Destoop
July 27, 2017
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This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Copying projects surely is a huge time saver. In one go you copy alt tasks, campaigns, costs, KPIs and notes to a new project. But Husky has a few more time saving tricks up its sleeve.

1. Quick add for projects, tasks and campaigns

You can always easily add a new task or campaign while working on other things. Click ont the + icon in the left navigation bar. Get it out of your head fast and into the system!

2. Open the sidebar of another item

Are you looking a sidebar of a specific task and you want to look at other details of another task. Just click on the title of that other task. When you click on something else, the sidebar closes.

3. Fill out forms quicker

Keeping your hands longer on the keyboard will save you time, time and time again. A minute every day frees up half a day on an entire year.

  • In a form, the text cursor is already waiting for your input in the first input field. With your tab key you can jump to the next field.
  • In a text field, your browser will suggest what you've typed before.
  • In a dropdown list, you can type the first letter of your choice. Or use the arrows on your keyboard and then press Enter to confirm your choice.
  • Have all the field been entered, press Enter again. You don't need to click on the button 'Add'. The required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Or use your Escape key instead of clicking on the button 'Cancel'.

4. Fill out multiple results

Do you want to jump from one month to another in Results, use your tab key.

5. Click where you expect to click

Husky has been created in such a way that you can click on and change everything without really thinking about it.

Some examples from the tasks list:

  • Renaming a task is by clicking on the title of the task in the sidebar.
  • To change the deadline of a task, you don't need to open the sidebar. Just click on the date in the list. 
  • The owner of the task can be changed by clicking on the avatar.
  • Changing the status is by clicking on the label in a list.

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