45 crucial questions that belong in every marketing plan

Peter Desmyttere
February 21, 2017
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Strategic marketing choices belong in a written marketing plan, probably the most important document for every marketer who wants to work consistently and professionally. But how do you start with a strategic marketing plan?

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How do you create a simple and readable marketing plan in which every dream becomes tangible? Get a grip on your future and actually achieve your goals.

This article wants to be a guide. I will give you a checklist, template or guide that will help you to write your marketing plan in no-time, simply by answering specific strategic questions.

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How do you start? Copy and paste these strategic questions in a Word document and answer each strategic question them shortly and concisely. Give the document the name of your marketing plan and save it on a logical place on your server. But watch out! A marketing plan is a dynamic document that regularly undergoes changes. Give the document a regular update and give every update a number, for example version 1.4.

Do you want to go all the way? Use a digital marketing planner such as Husky. In it you not only write down the strategic choices from your marketing plan, but you can also manage projects, tasks, campaigns, budget and results.

1. Goals

  • What are my financial goals?
  • What are my commercial goals?
  • What are my organizational goals?
  • What are my personal goals?
  • What are my most important lines of action and decisions?

2. Offering

  1. What brand name(s) do I need to market?
  2. What is my elevator pitch?
  3. What products and services do I offer?
  4. How do I make money with my offering?
  5. What is the cost price of my offering?

3. Market

  1. What is the profile of my (prospective) customer?
  2. How big is the market?
  3. What are the needs or problems of my customers?
  4. What do I promise my customers?
  5. Who is an influencer in the decision process of the customer?

4. Added value

  1. What are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  2. On which strengths can I make the difference?
  3. At what value(s) am I going to position myself against the competition?
  4. What are my most important company values?
  5. What are my vision and mission?

5. Organization

  1. Which sales channels are used to present my offering?
  2. Who are my strategic partners?
  3. Who are my key commercial employees?
  4. How does the organizational customer flow look like?
  5. What are my financial resources?

6. Online communication

  1. What is the ideal structure of my website?
  2. How am I going to rank high in Google?
  3. What social media channels will I use?
  4. What email techniques will I use to communicate with customers?
  5. How will I use mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones?

7. Networking

  1. What journalists do I need to network with to get press coverage?
  2. Who are my prospective marketing partners within my network?
  3. How do I share knowledge within my network?
  4. What networking events do I need to attend?
  5. What networking events will I organize myself?

8. Advertising

  1. On what media do I put my ads?
  2. What printed direct mail will I send?
  3. What fairs should I attend?
  4. How will I use posters in the point of sale and on the streets?
  5. Who or what will I sponsor?

9. Customer experience

  1. What experiential marketing actions will I take presales?
  2. What experiential marketing actions will I take at the point of sale?
  3. What experiential marketing actions will I take after-sales?
  4. How do I turn my customers into ambassadors?
  5. What branding tools do I need to touch the heart of the customer?

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