Organising your marketing projects

Husky is a project management tool for marketing teams. But what are projects, and how do you organise them? This article shows you around.


A project is a collection of related tasks, communication, budget, results, notes, files and discussions.

Some examples of marketing projects

  • Event
  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Packaging
  • Corporate identity

Project groups

You probably have a lot of marketing projects going. That's why you need to organize your projects, or you end up with an unmanageable long list of projects. That's why you can group Projects in Project groups.

Tip: start your Group name with a number to sort Project groups the way you want. By default they are ordered alphabetically.


To have an extra level in your tree structure, you can also create multiple plans. A plan is a collection of projects and an overarching strategy. Every plan can have different users, currency and fiscal year settings.

Tree structure

The building blocks Plans, Project groups and Projects let you define your marketing organization. As with document folders on your computer, you need to create a logical tree structure.


We have also integrated account wide tags with projects. This allows you to give extra structured project information, which enables you to filter these projects in lists. 

Latest update:28 February 2019