Get the most out of your free trial

You're free to try out Husky. A trial account is fully functional and you'll be able to continue your work after your trial period has expired and you've activated the subscription.

Some tips to get the most out of your free trial

Use real projects

Don't create bogus plans, projects, tasks … Take a look at your current to do's and campaign planning, and get started.

Invest some time

Don't start a free trial if you only have 5 minutes to spare. Husky will change your life as a marketer, so it's worth taking some time to evaluate it thoroughly. Start today, and come back every day. We'll send you some introductory emails to help you remind to come back.
If you're serious about the free trial and you need more time to evaluate Husky, contact our Support. We can work something out.

Don't go all in … yet

Easy does it. Before you invite all your colleagues and input all your marketing data, test it out with a subset of your marketing projects and invite only a few highly motivated colleagues. Once you get the hang out if it, you can add more projects and users. It's easier to motivate new users if they see the benefits of using Husky in real life.

Get help if you need to

Husky should be self-explanatory, at least that's what users are telling us. But if you feel you need some help, don't be shy. We're here to help:


What happens after your free trial?

During the trial or test period - which lasts 14 days - you can use the marketing planner to your heart's content. When the trial period ends, the system switches to 'read only' mode. Your data continues to be saved, but you need to activate your account in order to continue working. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation, the marketing planner switches back to active mode.

Latest update:28 November 2019