Managing users

There are 3 levels to manage members in your account: 

  • Account - managed by Administrator
  • Plan - managed by Administrator and Managers
  • Project - managed by Administrator, Managers, and Editors


Only the Administrator can access the settings for Account members.
There's only one administrator per account.


To manage and invite the members of a Plan, you can either choose to option 'Manage plan members' in the overview of all plans, or use the gear wheel next to the name of the Plan.



Within each project, you can invite more users. Remember, they're free. And good to know, they can't see Budget. Because your freelance copywriter doesn't need to know how much he can bill by the end of the year.


What is left out for a project member?

  • Budget
  • Overview lists
  • Projects he doesn't have access to
  • Possibility to invite others



Latest update: 1 March 2019