Inviting new users

You add new users to the account, plan or project by inviting them by email.

  • If they're not known yet by Husky, they have to activate their user account first by clicking on a link in a mail and by completing their user profile.
  • If they're known, they'll get a notification that they have been added to an account/plan/project.

In your notifications list, you'll see the moment new users have accepted the request to collaborate.

Take note: only Administrators and Managers can add new users. If your current subscription doesn't allow to invite more account or plan members with editing rights, you'll be prompted to upgrade your subscription.

Pending users

As long as users haven't activated their account, you'll see them as pending users. You can always resend the activation link.

These pending users also count as users on your subscription plan.

Latest update: 1 March 2019