Adding colleagues, management and external parties

Husky is a tool for marketing teams. Therefore, it would be a pity if you were the only person working in your account. Invite your marketing colleagues, your management and/or external stakeholders to work in your marketing plan together with you. Husky enables this at two levels: 

  • People whom you add at the level of the entire plan as reviewers (they can view all information and join in discussions) or as editors (they can perform all actions within a plan).
  • People whom you add at the level of one or more projects as reviewers (e.g. a freelancer, a marketing agency, an intern or a working student) can view all project information and join in all discussions, but will not be able to see any budget information. People whom you add as editors will be able to take all actions within a project, but will not see any budget information.

You can add an unlimited number of plan reviewers, project reviewers and project editors at no additional cost. However, if you want other people to edit plans at plan and account level a fee will be owed.

Latest update:17 June 2019