Zapier gives you the power to connect Husky with more than 1000 other web apps, for synchronisation of data or creating multi app workflows.

Some examples:

  • an email with a certain label automatically creates a task
  • a filled out form in Wufoo creates a task
  • a new line in a Google Sheet creates a project
  • daily you receive a report with all completed tasks
  • in the morning you receive a notification when you missed deadlines for tasks
  • a new task in Husky creates a new task in Harvest for timetracking and invoicing
  • a Facebook post is published on a channel as a moment
  • a moment with a certain tag is added to a calendar
  • as soon as a moment on the channel 'e-mail' gets the label 'in progress', a draft campaign in Mailchimp is created
  • a published blog post on Wordpress is marked as a 'completed' moment on the calendar
  • a new project with the tag 'webinar' creates a webinar in GoToWebinar

Zapier has a free version for 100 actions per month. Above that, it starts at $ 20/month.

We can surely help to realize the integration between Zapier and your web apps.

Availability of this integration is planned for 2019.
Interested? Contact Support for 'early access'.

Latest update: 1 March 2019