Time tracking (Toggl)

The Chrome extension Toggl Button allows using Husky tasks as titles for time tracking with Toggl. If you've created a project in Toggl which has the same title as the project of the task, it's also added automatically.

It's really easy.

Once you've added the Chrome extension and created an account in Toggl, you can time track your tasks in Husky. In the task list, little Toggl icons are added next to each task. And you also see the start/stop action in the sidebar of each task.


How to use Toggl Button

Best read the excellent Help article from Toggl itself.


Configuring the Chrome extension for use with Husky 

Accessing the settings of the chrome settings is by clicking on the button and choosing the gears.

What you could do, is add a filter on the applications where you want to have Toggl appear.

Latest update: 1 March 2019