Google calendar

Synchronize time blocks for the execution of your tasks with the Google calendar

The integration with Google Calendar currently is in beta. Google still displays that it might be unsafe to connect with Husky. We are waiting the approval, which might take a few weeks.

After connecting to your Google calendar, you can enjoy these possibilities:

  • Show Husky time blocks in Google Calendar (in the browser, on a desktop application such as Apple iCal and on your smartphone).
  • Show Google Calendar meetings in Husky so you don't schedule time blocks for tasks when you have appointments.
  • Move and delete time blocks in Google Calendar, which are automatically adjusted in Husky as well

Properties of a Husky time block in Google Calendar

  • Each time block is preceded in Google Calendar by [Husky] so you can see immediately that your planned time blocks are.
  • At the description in Google Calendar you will find the description that belongs to this task, as well as the full context information (for example at which moment, channel, project and plan this task belongs).
  • Each time block also has a direct link to the item in Husky, so you can change the status, finish the task, upload files or start an online discussion.

How to connect to Google Calendar?

  • Click on Integrations in the upper right corner under your name.
  • Choose Google Calendar and click Connect.
  • Login to your Google account and grant Husky permission to exchange data.
  • What for 5 minutes to have the synchronisation completed.
  • Check in your task calendar and your Google Calendar that the timeblocks and appointments are displayed.
  • Ready.

It is possible to renew or disconnect the connection afterwards.


  • The synchronization runs in the background and checks at least every 5 minutes what needs to be changed.
  • We retrieve appointments from your primary calendar and place Husky time blocks in that calendar as well. In the future, it should be possible to display other calendars as well and determine in which calendar your Husky timeframes should appear if you have sufficient permissions to do so.
  • You have to choose between synchronization with Outlook or Google. You can switch, but then the synchronization with the active account will be stopped.
  • You can protect the titles of your Google appointments in Husky for colleagues. By default, they can read them.
  • Can't get the synchronization working for you? Contact Support and we will investigate what goes wrong.
Latest update:26 February 2020