This is how you start a new discussion

Do you want ask your colleagues something about a task, channel, moment, cost, invoice, result or note, then you can start a discussion about it. The main advantage of a discussion in Husky is that you give comments in the right context, and that the history of it remains visible. Less relevant information will be left in the mailbox.

How do you do this in Husky? When you open an item's sidebar, you'll find the Discussions tab every time. Anyone (including those with read-only rights) can start a new discussion. A discussion remains open until someone completes it. Open discussions are indicated by a speech bubble and a red dot.

It is also important to know that all discussions are public. So even if you don't get a notification about it, if you have to deal with an item that is the subject of discussions, you can still go over the history of the discussions.


After adding a discussion, everyone will receive a notification, both in the app and by e-mail, inviting them to comment on it.

Everyone? If you don't mention anyone, it will be sent to everyone who has access to the project, so to the members of the plan, but also to the extra project members. For example, if you want to limit the discussion to just a few people, type @ first and then the possible names will appear. You'll get something like @beckysomers. These 'nicknames' are created automatically, but can be personalised in your profile settings.

When someone makes a comment about the discussion, it is sent to everyone who was already aware of the discussion. Suppose you name someone else in a comment, they will also receive a notification about the discussion.

Latest update:28 February 2019