Distinguishing between tasks and communication

A traditional marketing plan in Excel makes no distinction between tasks (what should we do?) and communication (what are we communicating and when?). Husky does.

For example: all to-dos (tasks) within the E-newsletter project (write copy, collect photographs, request approval, etc.) are shown as a checklist with Tasks, while all planned communication (the date on which the e-newsletter is sent) will appear in a calendar view (full year, four-week or this week) under "Communication"

The advantage to splitting these up:

  • You will gain a better grip and a better overview of your tasks; and
  • The communication calendar is limited to the most important moments with regard to communication (attractive and clearly organized).

Would you nevertheless like to have your tasks displayed in the communication calendar? This is possible. Click on the "Filters" button at the top right in the"Communication" module and select the pop-up at the bottom showing "Show my tasks" or "Show all tasks".

Latest update:28 February 2019