How do you activate the Timesheets function?

Timesheets is an additional feature that is part of Agency accounts by default.

Marketing teams can also request the activation of Timesheets, for example for their internal graphic studio. The feature is immediately accessible to all users in the account. Check the pricing page for the extra cost for this feature.

How do you add time entries?

  • When finishing a task you will get a pop-up to enter time and define a job type.
  • On the timesheet you can manually add time. You choose an existing task from a plan and project, or give your time registration a name and task type.
  • Even without leaving your work environment, you can use the 'quick add' in the left menu. After adding the time registration, you can continue working.

How do you add a note to a day?

You can add a short note at the bottom of each day. This means that an icon will appear at the top of the day.

There you enter for example that you have taken half a day off, which explains that you have logged 4 hours instead of the usual 8.

You can also use it to write down your focus for that day, or use it as a work-related diary to keep track of your experiences, achievements or work points.

What are the colored dashes below the entered time?

If we know the expected duration of a task, we compare the reported time with it. For example, if you were assigned 4 hours for a task, and you worked on it for 2 hours yesterday and 1 hour today, then the bar will be 75% full and green. As soon as it is more than 100% full, it will turn red.

How do you edit job types?

  • For each time entry you can select an existing job type, or add it if it did not already exist.
  • At the top right of the Timesheets you will also find the possibility to edit job types. There you can rename them. When they are no longer in use, you can also delete them.
  • Each job type can have a differenty hourly rate.

How do you get an overview of all team's performance?

The account administrator and all managers have access to a team overview, either as a graphical dashboard or as a list with all detailed information. You can filter all time entries based on coworker, jobtypes, plans or projects.

How do you export timesheets for invoicing?

All time sheets can be exported to Excel. You set the start and end dates of all entered registrations that you want to export.

Available soon:

  • Side panel at Task. For each task you get the possibility to consult or add time entries in the sidebar. Useful if you can't complete tasks at once.
  • Suggestions based on your task planning. If you're using time blocks, we'll suggest that you add that time to your timesheet right away.
Latest update: 4 June 2020