Task statuses

Every newly created task has the status of Not started. For yourself and for your colleagues it's wise that you indicate the status of the task at hand. You show that you're in control and your colleagues don't have to request status updates.

Default statuses:

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Finished

If you choose Finished, it's the same action as ticking the empty box next to the task title. It marks a task as completed and makes it disappear from your list with active tasks.


Extra custom statuses

A few ideas on how to use these custom statuses. You can add up to ten of them.

  • Planning your day
    Use the statuses "Today" or "Tomorrow"
  • Planning your week
    Use the statuses "This week" and "Next week"
  • Show external involvement
    Working with clients? Use the status "Waiting for customer"
    Working with suppliers? Use the status "In production"
  • Editorial focus
    Use the statuses "Proofreading", "In translation" and "Ready to publish"

Be aware that these custom statuses are shared between projects, moments, and strategic chapters, all in the same plan.

Latest update:26 March 2020