Adding others to a task

Every task has a task owner (by default the creator). Only one. Why? When there's only one owner, there's no "looking at each other" and that sense of responsibility helps in completing projects in scope and on time.

Marketing is a team effort, however, so this is how can you involve your coworkers for the same task.

  • Start a discussion. Mention (@rebecca) one or more project members to get their attention. If you don't, it's a group discussion and all project members receive a notification. Once everyone has done their share, you can resolve the discussion and complete the task.
  • Recreate the task, for each and every coworker. Adjust the due date, if you know certain coworkers have difficulties keeping up with their deadlines (you know who!). Copy and paste the title of the task to speed up the creation process.
Latest update:13 March 2019