Writing down your marketing strategy

Why use a separate Word document for your marketing strategy? Write it down in Husky, where all your marketing projects come to life.

Add new topics to add content to your strategy and use sections to structure them. It's comparable to how you create and organize your projects and project groups.

Sections are ordered alphabetically and topics can be rearranged within a section manually by dragging the three horizontal bars. Tip: if you want to give your sections a custom order, use numbers and/or letters.

In each topic you can write text, add links, images, tables, … and create new tasks, start discussions and upload files. The same functionality as in the Project Notes.

Need some inspiration for your marketing strategy?

We've prepared 45 questions for you to answer about your marketing strategy, dealing with business model and marketing communication. The structure and wording of these 45 questions is based on the experience of a marketing consultancy firm. It has been developed during the writing of hundreds of marketing plans in the past decade, and teaching hundreds of fellow marketers and business owners how to write their marketing plan.

The 45 topics are divided into 9 sections:

  1. Goals
    1. What are my financial goals?
    2. What are my commercial goals?
    3. What are my organizational goals?
    4. What are my personal goals?
    5. What are my most important lines of action and decisions?
  2. Offering
    1. What brand name(s) do I need to market?
    2. What is my elevator pitch?
    3. What products and services do I offer?
    4. How do I make money with my offering?
    5. What is the cost price of my offering?
  3. Market
    1. What is the profile of my (prospective) customer?
    2. How big is the market?
    3. What are the needs or problems of my customers?
    4. What do I promise my customers?
    5. Who is an influencer in the decision process of the customer?
  4. Added value
    1. What are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
    2. On which strengths can I make the difference?
    3. At what value(s) am I going to position myself against the competition?
    4. What are my most important company values?
    5. What are my vision and mission?
  5. Organization
    1. Which sales channels are used to present my offering?
    2. Who are my strategic partners?
    3. Who are my key commercial employees?
    4. How does the organizational customer flow look like?
    5. What are my financial resources?
  6. Online communication
    1. What is the ideal structure of my website?
    2. How am I going to rank high in Google?
    3. What social media channels will I use?
    4. What email techniques will I use to communicate with customers?
    5. How will I use mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones?
  7. Networking
    1. What journalists do I need to network with to get press coverage?
    2. Who are my prospective marketing partners within my network?
    3. How do I share knowledge within my network?
    4. What networking events do I need to attend?
    5. What networking events will I organize myself?
  8. Advertising
    1. On what media do I put my ads?
    2. What printed direct mail will I send?
    3. What fairs should I attend?
    4. How will I use posters in the point of sale and on the streets?
    5. Who or what will I sponsor?
  9. Customer experience
    1. What experiential marketing actions will I take presales?
    2. What experiential marketing actions will I take at the point of sale?
    3. What experiential marketing actions will I take after-sales?
    4. How do I turn my customers into ambassadors?
    5. What branding tools do I need to touch the heart of the customer?

Seasoned marketers will recognize items such as the SWOT analysis, the elevator pitch, vision & mission statement and the unique selling proposition.

Nevertheless, first-timers are also able to answer these questions. In the end, they have written down a complete marketing strategy, without really knowing it.

Latest update: 1 March 2019