What is a result?

ROI, CTR, CPC, CPL, NPS … modern marketers seem to like their acronyms. We've picked just one: KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as our main interest in the Results module of Husky.


Key Performance Indicators

Ask yourselves these questions:

  • What are the most important metrics for you, your team or your organization on a monthly basis?
  • Can you set goals or targets for those metrics?
  • How do you collect the required data?

Make sure you're picky about what you want to measure and report. When you're talking about key performance indicators, that means you only create a few KPIs in a select number of projects. Don't overdo it. Specialized software allows you to analyze data in greater detail. We don't, for a good reason.

Digital and nondigital results alike

Husky knows that the world isn't entirely digital. So, you can easily input the numbers you want: visitors to a booth on a trade fair, attendees at a seminar, participants at a competition …

To help you free up time in your marketing for more strategic and/or creative activities, we've put the integration with digital tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter … on our roadmap. Hang tight!

It's already possible to embed a dashboard you carefully created in a specialised external tool. Here's how.

Latest update:19 April 2019