Embed external dashboards

Maybe you already have a live dashboard where you bring together and visualize different data sources. It is possible to make this visible in Husky for all your colleagues, by including the URL of that dashboard in Results.

Adding, editing or deleting a dashboard

In the Results of a project where results are not yet available, you have the choice to work with Monthly KPI's, or to integrate an external dashboard. Click on the last choice and you can create up to 4 dashboards.

How to add a dashboard. In the Settings window, you determine the name and enter the URL of the dashboard. Click on Add Dashboard. You can change the order of these dashboards by grabbing the three horizontal dashes. You can also hide the part of the Monthly KPI's.

To remove a dashboard, click on the name of the dashboard and then click on 'Remove Dashboard'.

To add a dashboard next to Monthly KPI's later, click on the pencil at the project on the Results overview, or on the three dots at the top of a project page, or on the Settings at the top right of the Results-page of a project. In this way you will also see the window with the Settings.

Important remarks:

  • The visibility of the dashboard is determined by the service offered by the dashboard. In Husky, a web page is displayed that is either password protected, or for which you must be logged in, or that has a complex, unique URL that no one can guess. For example, if you share a report from Google Data Studio, then Data Studio determines who has read or edit rights to that report. You have to be logged in with your Google Account.

  • Some reports cannot be included. If you want to add that URL, you will see an error message. For example, Mailchimp will not allow you to embed your reports in this way. All you can do is add the URL to the description of a monthly KPI to see this report in another tab outside of Husky. 

Add your dashboard by copying the "embed" URL

Latest update:26 September 2019