Creating a clear project structure

A marketing plan is a collection of marketing projects. This means that all data is linked to one or more marketing projects. It is of crucial importance that you draw up a clear and well-organized project structure if you want to use Husky to its best advantage.

In Husky it's best to create all your current marketing projects first, and then group them per project type (e.g. the "Website", "Social media" and "E-newsletter" projects are all part of the "Online marketing" group). Now, isn't having an overview of your current projects convenient?

Tip: start the group name with a figure to allow you to place the groups in the sequence of your preference. If you don't, they will simply be listed alphabetically.

Is the structure of your plan ready? Once this is ready, you will be able to set up tasks, communication planning, budget, results, notes, discussions and documents within each project. This is much better organized than having them scattered across numerous Excel, Word or PowerPoint files, or lists, apps or emails.  Great, isn't it? Tomorrow, I will explain to you where you can add the marketing data.

Latest update:24 June 2019