Project templates

One of the uses for copying projects is a project template.

You can either use an existing project that you want to use as the basis for your project template or create an entirely new project.

How do I create a project template?

  • Create a new plan, and give it the name 'Templates'. Plans are sorted alphabetically, so if you want it up front or at the end, you can have it preceded by an underscore or a number.
  • Either copy an existing project to your newly created plan or create a new project altogether.
  • Start adding tasks, campaigns, costs, KPIs, and notes.
  • Sort tasks, campaigns, and KPIs in the right order.
  • Don't worry about dates, because they don't get copied. If you want to remember the notion when to plan your campaigns or tasks, you can add the instruction in the title of the items or add it to the descriptions.

How do I use a project template?

  • Go to your plan 'Templates' and copy the project. You get the choose the name of the project, the plan it needs to get copied to and project group.
  • Once you copy the project, there is no link to the project template. Which means that changes in the project templates aren't reflected in your copied projects. Also, changes in your copied project don't change anything in your project template.

Latest update: 1 March 2019