Copying a project

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a project and copy it for a quick start of your next project?
You can!


How do I copy a project?

In the project list or on the project page look for the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. Next to the options Archive project and Delete project, you see Copy project. Click on it.

Even archived projects can be copied.


What happens when I copy a project?

  • You get to decide how the new project is being called and where it should end up: in another plan and/or another project group. By default, it's in the same plan and project group.
  • The project duration of the new project is equal to the original project
  • All tasks, campaigns, costs, KPIs, and notes will be copied
  • All statuses will be reset to 'Not started'
  • Husky will automatically assign the copied tasks, campaigns, costs, and KPIs to the previous owners
  • If necessary, users will be added to the other plan automatically if they didn't have access before

What doesn't get copied

  • due dates and reminders for tasks
  • invoices
  • targets and results for KPIs
  • discussions
  • files
  • activity logs

Optional: moments

So, the only thing you need to do after copying a project is making sure that the project duration is updated, that deadlines are added to tasks and that you add new moments to channels. What a time saver!

Note that you can't copy items into an existing project, or only copy a selection of items (e.g. only tasks). So decide which is quicker: creating new items or deleting copied items.


Typical uses

  1. Company A organizes a lot of events, seminars or webinars. Once all tasks and planning are complete, you can make a copy of the project and fine tune it for the next event.
  2. Company B launches new products regularly. Create a project for a product launch and copy it each time you need to plan another product launch.
  3. Agency C has a different plan for each customer. If they have a similar project with another customer, they can copy the project to another plan and customize it.
  4. Company D has multiple business units, which are managed in different plans. You can't copy an entire plan, but you can copy those projects you need from one plan to another.
  5. Company E has created a new plan only for storing project templates. If they need to create a similar project in one of their plans, they can simply copy the project into the desired project. (more about project templates)
Latest update: 1 March 2019