All communication, tasks, costs, KPIs and notes bundled

Create projects that form the backbone of your marketing policy. It immediately gives you a functional, comprehensible and complete project plan. Create a plan for each business unit, or customer if you're a marketing agency.

Plans and project groups

Give structure to your projects by putting them into project groups. Or create plans for multiple business units or agency customers.

Advanced user access

Who can cooperate at project or planning level and who can only check and comment on it?

Tags and filters

Do you have many plans and projects to manage? Thanks to tags and filters you get just that overview of projects, which you do get a grip on.

Central project data

Tasks, communication, budget, KPIs, notes, files and discussions: you manage everything in the same place.

Copying and archiving

Copy a previous or template project and win time. Archive a finished project and keep the overview.

Project report as PDF

With one click of the mouse you conjure up a nicely formatted report of all planned and finished items.

Latest update:23 May 2020