Why have more than one plan?

You're able to create as many plans as you like. Your marketing team might need just one, but sometimes it's useful to have multiple plans. Here's why.

Typical uses of multiple marketing plans

  • Multiple business units
  • Multiple shops or branches
  • Launch of new product (group)
  • Organization of a big event or trade fair
  • Super secret plan your colleagues don't need to know (yet)
  • A separate plan for each client, if you're a marketing agency, consultant or freelancer
  • A plan with custom project templates, that you can copy in other plans
  • A new year* 

(*) We don’t encourage this usage. We prefer that you keep on using the same marketing plan for years to come and build your history in it. Furthermore, a lot of marketing projects are ongoing, e.g. website updates, social media updates, email newsletters, press relations …

Some marketing managers are used to making a new marketing plan for each year, thinking about the strategy once a year and defining budgets and setting targets. However, the business world keeps turning faster and faster, so thinking in years is not the best way to handle (marketing) plans. 

Main criteria to start a new marketing plan

  • Different set of users
  • Separate (business) strategy
  • Isolated budget
  • Different currency or fiscal year
Latest update:13 March 2019