Setting up a marketing plan

We have put a sample plan (fully completed marketing plan) in your free trial account to give you a good idea of how a marketing plan is built up in Husky. However, there is no reason to limit yourself at just taking a look at this plan. Why not set to work on drawing up your very own marketing plan straight away? The first thing to do is click on the "Create new plan" banner.

    Perhaps one plan within your organization is enough for you, or perhaps you want to draw up multiple plans (e.g. for different brands, business units or countries). Every plan can have specific projects, participants, currencies or even financial years.

    But let's not make your free trial unnecessarily complex. Start with just one plan (for just one brand, one company, one business unit or one country) that you can thoroughly explore and expand the structure of your plan later on.

    Latest update:19 June 2019