Creating a plan

When creating a new plan, you have to make some decisions, but don't worry. You can change these settings afterward.  


All plans will be sorted alphabetically in your overview of All plans, so if you want to manipulate that order, you can start the name of the plan with a number.

Currency and fiscal year

Because of the budget, you need to select the correct currency and indicate when the fiscal year starts.

Available currencies: €, $, £, ¥

We have listed the most used currency symbols in the world, but you can always select the 'empty' currency symbol if your currency is not on the list. So no Swedish krona, Ukrainian hryvnia, Thai baht or Bitcoin, to name but a few.

Please note that when you change your currency, the numbers don't change.

Plan members

You can invite plan members right away, or deal with that later on. Most of the time, it's better to work on your plan first and invite plan members later. It's more productive to invite coworkers in a decorated office, than in a construction yard unless you need their help for constructing and decorating. :)

Latest update:13 March 2019