Using your communication calendar

The communication calendar shows you a timeline of all planned moments in a certain calendar year. 

Week, 4 weeks and year view

There are three views of the communication calendar: 

  • In the week view, every column represents a day. Only one week is shown.
  • In the 4 weeks view, every column represents a day. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are highlighted.
  • In the year view, each column represents a week. When you hover on the week number you'll see when that week takes place.

Today marker

The green striped vertical line represents today, so you instantly see which campaigns have recently ended, which campaigns are currently in progress and which ones are planned in the near future.


Filter your campaigns on Project owners, Project groups, Statuses and Tags.

Note: only projects with channels are displayed in the Communication calendar.

More info about a campaign

When you click on the campaign name, the sidebar slides open. You'll see who's responsible, what's the next date (if any), the sum of estimated costs for the campaign dates, the status, and an activity log. You're able to add a description to give more context to the campaign. And of course, you can add tasks, start a discussion or add files.

When you click directly on the related icon next to the campaign name in the calendar, the right pane in the sidebar will be opened. Time-saver!

Reordering campaigns

You can reorder campaigns manually within a project. Just click and drag to change the order. Be aware that when you click on the campaign name, or on related icons, the sidebar of the campaign opens.

Reordering projects

Projects are displayed in alphabetical order, grouped by project groups. Which in turn are alphabetically ordered. You can manipulate the order by preceding the project (group) name with a number. "1. Project" will end up before "A Project" and "Project".

If you have more than 10 projects in a project group you want to order, make sure you use double digits: 01, 02, 03, … If not, you'll see this order: 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, …

Latest update:11 June 2019