Exporting your communication calendar

Why would you? And in what format?

It's better to invite reviewers to your plan or project and they can see the calendar in all of its glory. They'll have the overview they need, and the details if they want to.

Make a screenshot

Choose what you want to see: scroll the calendar or use your browser zoom function to zoom out a bit (50% works great for a year's overview).

If your campaigns calendar is longer than your screen, use an extension to your browser such as Nimbus.

This screenshot can be pasted into PowerPoint presentations or printed documents.

Export to PDF

Do you only want to have a communication calendar of one project, than it's a good idea to export that project to PDF. Only select the communication and you're good to go. The export shows a graphical representation of all channels and moments, and then shows all detailed moments per channel. 

Printing your campaigns calendar

A PDF printout of the calendar, which will combine overview and details, is still in the works. Contact Support if you want to push this feature sooner in our roadmap.

Latest update:17 June 2019