Budgeting per month or quarter

In some projects, you might want to budget per month or per quarter.

You can see the monthly totals, without the details in the graph. That might enough for your reporting.

Filtering invoices per month should be done in the Excel export. There, you have all the details.

However, if you want to budget per month or quarter (budgeting = planning to spend, your "estimated costs"), you need to create a cost per month or quarter. If you tag it appropriately, you can filter it for your entire plan. So then you will see all the estimated costs for a month or quarter for the entire plan.

Because of the alphabetical order of costs, you might want to start your cost names with a two-digit number.

In a future update of our Budget module, we will allow you to budget and report on invoices, not only yearly, but also monthly and quarterly.
When that time comes, we will help you change to the new way of working.

Latest update: 1 March 2019