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Husky Marketing Planner provides overview and structure in the marketing projects, shares them seamlessly with colleagues or management and offers an integrated planning tool for operational and strategic marketing.

Retain the overview

Have you lost your way in the maze of planning data contained in digital tools and/or Excel sheets? Husky will help you regain your overview of the many projects, campaigns, promotional activities and plans that your team manages.

Manage all your operational and strategic marketing data from a single, centralized platform, clearly distributed across plans and projects. Now, you will finally have peace of mind!

Smoother communication with your colleagues

Do you ever get the feeling that internal communication about marketing plans could be a lot smoother? Husky simplifies collaboration and planning with your colleagues.

Thanks to shared communication and tasks planning every member of the team is perfectly aware of all the marketing planning details. Thanks to the integrated chat function, links, files and notes all processes are perfectly transparent. Say goodbye to useless emails and unproductive meetings!

Ensure adequate insight

Do you often miss information that would help you assess projects and campaigns better? Husky bundles together all tasks, communication, budget, notes and results for per project or campaign.

This means that all crucial data is retained in one and the same place. Not only will this save time, it also guarantees that you have all the details you need at your fingertips to take important decisions. You have never this well-informed!

Report like a pro

Does the management need more figures and updates? Husky creates a detailed report from every milestone in your planning, at the single click of a mouse.

It provides real-time insight and offers simple as well as high-performance dashboards for the results. You validate your decisions and position yourself and your team more strongly within the organization. Make your management's jaws drop in amazement!

Save time with templates

Do you waste a lot of time on recurring promotional activities or campaigns? Husky lets you save complete projects or entire campaigns as a template.

Will something be repeated? Set the entire planning (tasks, communication, budget, notes, etc.) in motion and create a new schedule in one fell swoop. Are you a fan of checklists and to-do lists? Create them in Husky in no time at all. Three cheers for efficiency! 

Plan together with external parties

Is communication difficult with a freelancer or marketing agency? Husky promotes collaboration with external marketeers via a rights system that grants them access to your plans.

As a result, you won't waste time on Excel sheets (again!) or emails, but will work together on the same plan while you retain full control. And … did you know that Husky offers a digital proofing method as an alternative for PDF proofing? 

Get training and coaching

Is filling in a digital marketing planner a daunting task to you? Husky is made by marketeers, for marketeers.

This is why we like to invest in support, training and coaching – so that you and your team can work more efficiently. From the tiniest question to the most complex planning requirement: we think along with you and will tailor Husky entirely to your team's needs. You're never alone with Husky!

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Marketing planning: Goodbye Excel, welcome digital tools

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