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Husky Marketing Planner enables your campaign planning for each client, shares it seamlessly with colleagues and clients and provides an integrated planning tool for operational and strategic marketing.

Put your marketing plans onto a single platform

Are you wasting time because your customer plans are distributed across various digital tools or a tangle of Excel documents? Husky bundles all planning data per customer on a single, centralized digital platform.

Every customer is allocated a plan that contains all operational and strategic marketing data. What a lot of time gained!

Bring structure into your chaos

Is the never-ending flow of projects, campaigns for tasks stressful to you? Husky organizes them in a logical and accessible matter for you, your colleagues and your client.

Thanks to the communication planning and the tasks planning you will have a clear overview and insight at the single click of a mouse. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Communicate faster and more transparently

Is the infinite flow of email to and from clients driving you crazy? Husky makes marketing data transparent for agencies as well as customers. You can give your clients reading or editing rights and communicate directly with them in your plan (via the chat function).

And ... as an agency, you will soon love our online proofing (as an alternative for PDFs). Say goodbye to useless emails!

Talk operationally as well as strategically

Do you have the feeling that you are constantly lagging behind on everything? Husky combines the decisiveness of ad hoc operational working on customer plans with strategic looking ahead via plans, together with your customer.

Analyze the past, plan the future and enrich your plans with links, files and notes. On the way to proactive collaboration with your customers!

Show progress

Are your customers trying to find their way in the dark looking for the concrete results of your marketing activities? Husky's results mode clearly shows you an overview of your goals and results, including the necessary graphs.

You can immediately put simple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a basic dashboard. Real professionals integrate detailed ROI dashboards into Husky, precisely there where the customers want to see this information. Your data has never been this measurable!

Invoicing according to your plans

Does nobody know the real truth about your budget, allocated costs and invoices for each project, campaign or customer?

Husky integrates these three crucial marketing planning parameters into a clear budget dashboard and integrates them seamlessly into the milestones from your communication plan (media budget) and the timesheets from your task plan (the agency activities). The perfect basis for reporting and invoicing!

Work in a technological ecosystem

Are you lost in a technological maze with regard to the agency-customer communication? Husky was designed as a bridge between agency technology and customer technology.

Thanks to smart integrations every customer plan in Husky can be fed from the technology used by your customer, or planning data can be sent from Husky to customer tools. You're such an innovative agency!

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Integrated toolbox

Shared marketing planning between agency and customer involves many challenges

Marketing agencies and their clients usually work together on campaigns and marketing projects. But how far does 'together' reach? In practice, after a briefing, the agency starts working internally, with reporting and planning via e-mail, Excel, PDF and meetings. One party, the agency, executes; the other party, the customer, gives feedback.

Shouldn't 'together' really be 'together', in a shared marketing planning? Marketing technology offers perfect solutions for this. This e-book offers tools for marketing agencies that want to be more than just an executing party.

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