In your subscription, you pay per user. However, users can also be free. In Husky, we call them readers and project members. A reader can see everything but not change anything (e.g. a client of a marketing agency) but can participate in discussions. A project collaborator has limited access to one or a few projects, but can do everything within it except view or edit the budget. Typical use: an external freelancer or a marketing agency that participates in the marketing team's planning. In summary: members of the marketing team are paying users, externals (such as management, freelancers, agencies or colleagues from other departments) are free.

We offer support and assistance in several areas when using Husky. During your free trial - but also during your subscription period - you can use the chat function in the application itself. You can then ask specific questions. We also have a Help Center on YouTube where you can find videos about frequently used features. Do you prefer personal support? Then book a demo with one of our employees or add training to your Husky subscription.

When the 14-day trial period ends, the system goes into read-only mode. Your data will still be stored, you can still view it but not edit it. In order to continue working in Husky, you need to activate your account to a paying subscription. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation, the marketing planner will go back into active mode. In any case, a free trial will not automatically be converted to a paid subscription.

No. Because Husky does not ask for payment details at the start of your trial period, your subscription will not automatically be made paying. The trial period is free and non-binding. Do you want to subscribe? Then you can start the upgrade to a paid subscription yourself and activate it with an online payment. We also offer the alternative of paying by bank transfer. In both cases you will receive an invoice.

Oui, c'est le cas. Les principales intégrations sont le SSO (Single Sign-On), un lien avec OneDrive/Sharepoint et une intégration avec Outlook pour échanger des tâches entre Husky et Microsoft. Le lien avec OneDrive et Sharepoint signifie que vous pouvez lier n'importe quel élément du calendrier Husky à un fichier sur le serveur Microsoft. Le lien avec Outlook signifie que le calendrier des tâches de Husky apparaît également dans votre calendrier Outlook et que vos réunions Outlook apparaissent également dans le calendrier des tâches de Husky. Pour les entreprises clientes, nous disposons également d'un Single Sign-On via le compte Microsoft, ce qui permet de se connecter de la manière la plus sûre et la plus contrôlée possible.

À partir de 2024, nous prévoyons une intégration plus poussée avec Microsoft Dynamics 365. Il s'agit notamment d'une migration vers Microsoft Azure. Mais vous en saurez plus à ce sujet prochainement.

There are 2 payment methods. The first is an immediate online payment by credit card. The second is via bank transfer. As soon as we receive your payment, you can start using the marketing planner. You will receive the invoice automatically.

The standard duration of a Husky subscription is 12 months or one year. The basic price is calculated accordingly. However, in the course of 2021 we will upgrade our subscription module and it will also be possible to take out a monthly subscription. This will be at an additional cost of 20% and will only be possible to order by credit card.

Husky's functionality is regularly extended, and you get immediate access to it without having to install anything: an important advantage of a cloud application. The roadmap will be filled with questions and feedback from customers, so let's be heard! With every important product update, an e-mailing is sent to all users with the details of the update. An overview of all performed product updates can be found under Release notes on the website. We also communicate the product updates through our social media.

We offer help in different ways. You can get assistance or ask a question via the chat button in the application. In addition, we have placed frequently used functions in our Help Center on YouTube. Finally, you can always request an online demo if you prefer one-to-one assistance.

You can do that quickly and directly via the website. You can then immediately book an appointment in the agenda of one of our sales or support representatives. A demo is useful if you first want to see what Husky can do for your team while waiting for a free trial, if you want support during the subscription period or if you want to use more features in Husky.

Certainly. Within each subscription formula you have the possibility to order product training. The hourly rate for this is €95. The training is standard given online (via video conference). Corporate clients (large marketing teams within an international context) can also have the training held in-company, provided that travel expenses are paid. Product training can be requested at any time during your subscription period via the account settings. It is particularly useful when you want to get started properly, when new team members join Husky or when you start using more features.

Gladly! During product development, we always take into account the questions and needs expressed by our Husky customers. So please feel free to use the chat button in the application to share your ideas for product improvements. Does an idea come up often? Then we will put it high on the roadmap. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts on how we can make Husky even more user friendly.

The quickest way to report a bug or error in the application is to use the chat button in the application itself. Can we reproduce the bug or error? If so, we will immediately go after the problem and try to fix it as soon as possible. We will then keep you informed of the progress of the correction.

Husky is a cloud application that runs in a secure https environment - and behind an individual login and password - so that the data you enter is always of a high standard of privacy. If you make sure your login details do not end up in the wrong hands, Husky is much safer than Excel, Word or Powerpoint documents that can be copied and forwarded just like that. For corporate customers we go even further. For them, the database is placed on a separate server, the history is kept in a logging server and all data is anonymised when used by our coders. Whatever subscription you take: we do everything to meet the high European standards in the field of data privacy and security.

Husky is a Belgian application that is hosted by a Belgian company (Hosted Power). Our servers and backup servers are located across Europe at data centres that apply the highest standards in terms of data privacy and security. We do not use Amazon Web Services. However, migration to Microsoft Azure is high on the agenda.

You can upgrade your subscription to a higher subscription level or to more users at any time during your subscription period. You can do this through your account settings in Husky. You will then receive an invoice for the upgrade during the remaining subscription months. You can also downgrade your subscription, but this will only take effect when your subscription is renewed.

No. Four weeks before the renewal date (for a one-year subscription) you will receive a message that your subscription is about to expire. In this period you have the possibility to cancel your subscription in the application, upgrade to more users or downsize to fewer users. You do nothing? Then your subscription will automatically change to a new subscription period. Always make sure to pay your invoice on time to avoid any interruption in your use of Husky.

Do you wish to cancel your subscription for any reason? You can do this up until one day before the renewal date. The administrator will see the remaining subscription period under "Subscription" when you log in. You can cancel your subscription via your account settings in Husky or via this form. In any case, you will continue to have full access until the renewal date.

If you decide not to renew your subscription, we will deactivate your account. But that does not mean that your data will disappear immediately. We will store your account for another 12 months in a 'Read only' mode so that you can still access the data with your e-mail and password. Do you renew your subscription during this period? Then you can start working again immediately.

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