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Marketing planning still in Excel?

Marketers in publishing houses very often still do their marketing planning in Excel. Marketing planning is fragmented in a multitude of Excel, managed by both book marketers and specialised marketers (e.g. digital marketers). The result? Nobody has an overview of the marketing planning within the funds and many issues anymore, communication between the different marketers is difficult and there is little or no connection between the different marketing plans. 

Central planning in a digital tool is the solution

In terms of structure, Husky builds on the layout from your Excel file, but it makes that data dynamic and shareable. You can clearly display the various funds, collecations and individual expenses in one digital planning and you can enrich the planning with briefings, comments, tasks and files. We can also attach specific issue information (e.g. publication date, ISBN or EAN number, circulation, etc.) to the planning via our import script. You can filter the planning so that you always see the information you need, e.g. only the press communication for specific funds or issues. With one click of the mouse, you can view the planning of your colleagues so that the various schedules are better synchronised. The result? More overview, more insight and time savings. 

Husky in a nutshell

  • All funds, collections and expenses clearly organised in one digital platform
  • Quickly switch between the different planning processes
  • Streamline the planning processes between the different teams
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics365
  • Communicate with colleagues in planning, not via e-mail
  • Attach files to the right place in the planning
  • Plan your tasks from the right planning context
  • Work with task lists to get a grip on your time management

Tips & tricks for marketing planning at publishers

In this e-book you get practical tips to make book marketing a well-oiled machine by using templates, better internal communication and a multichannel approach. We also give an overview of the various digital tools that make this possible.

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Husky provides us with an awful lot of structure. As a publisher, we have hundreds of book projects to communicate about every year. We used to use Excel, but it became increasingly difficult to keep track. So Husky really came as a relief to our team.

Guus Neirinck, Digital Marketing Manager Lannoo

In just a few months’ time my colleagues were dealing with hundreds of tasks and campaigns in Husky. It made possible to leave the many Excel documents with to dos and planning behind.

Claudia Smeunickx, Marketing & E-commerce Manager Wolters-Kluwer