Ghent marketing consultancy launches application to make marketing departments more efficient

April 18, 2016

Ghent marketing consultancy launches application to make marketing departments more efficient

It's amazing how much time marketing managers waste managing marketing strategies, projects, tasks, communication plans, budgets or results of marketing investments,' says Peter Desmyttere. Since 2007, he and his team have specialised in writing marketing plans for companies. We always see the same 3 problems in marketing organizations: the marketing data is too spread out, marketing meetings are not efficient and there is insufficient communication between the marketing manager and the higher management. We want to put an end to this lack of efficiency with our digital marketing planner Husky. Based on our practical experience, we developed software that enables marketers to make their organisation much more efficient.

In Husky marketing projects and associated tasks, planning and budgeting are seamlessly interwoven. Husky is therefore a handy daily tool for the marketing manager involved. But also management and commercial management benefit from the use of Husky in the organisation, because it contains a clear dashboard of the marketing organisation and the results achieved. This shortens reporting lines and makes marketing meetings more productive. 

The application also contains a strategic module in which the business model and communication strategy are written down. Too few marketers in companies are working on this according to Desmyttere. They focus 100% on operational tasks and projects, and make too little time to think strategically with the company. If they do, their value in the company increases noticeably. Too many marketers are now being pushed into a purely executive role, which is a pity because market-oriented thinking is becoming increasingly important for companies.

Husky is the result of 2 years of intensive testing with different marketers. We didn't take it lightly, says Desmyttere. It is our absolute wish to deliver an excellent product that users are so enthusiastic about that they spontaneously tell us about it within their network. The quality of the product and the user experience are our top priorities. This should lead to organic growth. First in Flanders and the Netherlands, but internationally oriented users are already asking for an English and a French version to share the marketing plan with colleagues abroad. Growth and scalability are necessary in the future, but currently subordinate to the product experience. But it does not mean that we have no ambition, on the contrary. In my dreams I see every marketer in the world working with Husky'.