7 steps towards more comprehension, insight and drive in your marketing organization

1. All marketing data centralized on one online platform

Is your marketing data scattered around dozens of Excels, text files and presentations in an endless web of folders, servers and emails? Husky's got it covered. Looking for the company's cultural norms, mission / vision, pricing strategy, web architecture or an overview of the upcoming events? They are all just one click away.

2. No more inefficient marketing meetings

Ever wondered why most marketing meetings are lengthy and inefficient? Well, it's because attendees are unprepared, there is no marketing schedule and because everyone crawls back into their own organization cocoon right after the meeting. Husky's got it covered. Each attendee has access to all necessary information beforehand, helps determine the agenda of the meeting and sees their new tasks in the tool right after the meeting. 

3. Self-direction of your projects, task and schedule

Most marketeers are always very busy. But are they getting the most out of every single work hour? Probably not. They might be wasting time due to of poor project planning. Husky's got it covered. Easily link your projects, tasks and calendar with communication actions within a single tool and group them into a comprehensible whole. Giving you piece of mind. You'll no longer be overtaken by events and will be able to take ownership of your own to dos. 

4. Smoother communication with colleagues and managers

Marketing blunders are often due to a lack of communication between colleagues and managers. They cost time (and money, obviously), damages your reputation and is incredibly frustrating. Husky's got it covered. This marketing planner is a digital ecosystem where all people involved have access to correct information and get a clear overview of the company's marketing policy. Anytime, anywhere. 

5. Budgeting? Piece of cake!

Marketeers rack their brains trying to determine the most precise budgets every single year. So why hide them in an Excel file in some dusty old server? Husky's got it covered. Set a budget for each project and keep track of your overall marketing budget. But Husky does more than that: it keeps a record of your expenses, gives you an up-to-date budget status and warns you about any projects exceeding their budget.

6. Continuous measuring (and knowing)

So you set super ambitious targets at the start of the year, that's great. Are you also measuring them? If you're not, don't worry: Husky's got it covered. The system lets you set an unlimited number of KIPs (Key Performance Indicators) and points to measure, per month and for the entire year. Entering your results every month will give you a marketing report showing how your marketing efforts are translating into results.

7. From ad hoc to strategic thinking

'Marketing strategy', it sounds pretty expensive but it really isn't. It's quite the opposite actually. Determining a clear path right from the start is a must for every company but marketing strategies are typically kept in people's head or files that are impossible to read. Husky's got it covered. Write down your entire marketing strategy in Husky with a step-by-step approach and adjust it whenever you need to. 

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