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Our mission is to enable marketeers to plan more efficiently.

Hello! My name is Peter Desmyttere. I am a marketeer and the founder of Husky marketing planner. My colleagues and I have been advising marketeers with drawing up and managing marketing plans for many years. Husky has its origins in this experience. It provides an answer to the three most commonly encountered problems and frustrations in marketing planning faced by marketing teams and marketing agencies.

Marketeers have no overview

"I have lost my way in the maze of planning documents." Sound familiar to you?

In an increasingly complex marketing environment in which omnichannel is rapidly becoming the standard efficient planning is no easy task. It is virtually impossible to retain an overview if your marketing plans are fragmented across numerous digital tools, Excel documents, notes, presentations or inboxes.   

Wouldn't it be wonderful if marketeers could manage their marketing plans in a single, centralized digital tool that lets them retain a continuous overview of the various marketing plans for each staff member, project, campaign or customer? 

Marketers lack insight

"I am missing the crucial marketing information I need to take decisions." Sound familiar to you?

The consequence of fragmented marketing data across different tools or documents is that marketeers never have all the data they need at their fingertips when they need to take a decision about a staff member, project, campaign or customer. The result is an unnecessary waste of time, frustration, miscommunication and wrong decisions.

Wouldn't it be marvelous if marketeers had a digital planning tool that provides insight, at every moment of the day, into the communication plans (what were we communicating?), the task plans (who's doing what and when is the deadline?), the budget (how much money do we have left and what have we spent?) notes (what have we agreed upon?) and results (what was our goal and what has this brought us?)?

Marketers report insufficiently

"I don't have enough clout with the management." Sound familiar to you?

Marketing has made a tremendous impact and been given a strategic role in the corporate world. However, you can only make an impact, get respect and cooperation or coerce people to take decisions if you are able to submit reports to the management, managers of other departments (e.g. sales), customers (or agencies) or key marketing stakeholders if you are able to give them enough accurate reports.

Wouldn't it be great if marketeers could use their marketing plans as a basis for fast and transparent communication, to compile reports that offer a clear overview and insight into projects and campaigns or to make available KPI dashboards showing results and ROI within the right planning context?

We promise marketeers that Husky will help them gain a clearer overview and greater insight into project and campaigns. Not only that, they will be able to compile not only better reports, but do this faster. In conclusion, they will gain time, be able to work with less stress and avoid miscommunication about marketing plans.

To put it briefly: they will be able to plan and work more efficiently!

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