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I am Peter Desmyttere. Marketer, entrepreneur and marketing consultant at the Belgian company Desmyttere Marketingadvies and founder of Husky Marketing Planner. Since 1994 I have been advising marketers in choosing their right marketing strategy and developing their marketing plan.

This digital marketing planner is an answer to three common problems and frustrations when it comes to marketing strategy and marketing planning.

1. A marketing plan is a static document

"Why should I write a marketing plan? Our business changes very quickly," is an answer I hear often. Though: marketing without a plan is like traveling blind. Quite risky. But: the days when marketing plans were written for the next 5 to 10 years are indeed over. Now, a professional marketing plan covers at most the next 2 or 3 years, and right from the start it should be noticeable that the marketing plan must be an evolving and dynamic instrument. 

Wouldn't if then be ideal if marketers had a digital tool in which they can write down their strategy and their planning, where they have every flexibility for adjusting the strategy they have written out? Because that's strategy today: a clear goal, precisely determining the road to it and adjusting the sails as you go. The 'ideal' digital tool is called Husky. It's the result of many years of consulting and testing at hundreds of companies. 

2. Marketing strategy is everywhere, but also nowhere

Ask any marketer about their marketing strategy, and you're guaranteed to get one of these two answers:

A marketing strategy that only lives in the head of the marketer goes off in all directions without the slightest effort. A sailing boat that constantly changes direction doesn't get anywhere very quickly. But: writing down your marketing strategy and then scattering it across masses of digital documents isn't an answer either because you're guaranteed to lose your overview.

Wouldn't it be ideal if marketer had a digital tool in which their entire marketing strategy can be written down in a particularly quick and easy way, and with which they can get a perfect overview at any time of their complete strategic and operational marketing policy? The 'ideal' digital tool is called Husky.

3. We don't know how to start a marketing plan

There are thousand of books and articles about marketing strategy and marketing planning. But, unfortunately, there is no uniform standard. So, everyone just experiments, if they even find the energy to set up the experiment.

Wouldn't it be ideal if marketers had a digital tool that acted like a ready-to-use template for preparing their marketing plan? In which all the elements of strategy and implementation are ready to hand and plenty of examples and tools are integrated.


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